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A place located on top of the city lights, where fine taste interplay with the finest beef cuts accompanied by an exclusive world selection of different types of salt and mustard.

BeSteak offers an over-the-counter restaurant concept, including Fine Cuisine based on genuine traditions within an atmosphere of contemporary and classy décor.

This is the ideal choice for a quick lunch break or for a dinner appointment, an elegant and sophisticated location, which entails a wide range of high quality products served in a masterly fashion – all of it lined up for you to enjoy.

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Beef & Drinks

The cosmopolitan look is reflected in both the selection of succulent beef cuts from all over the world, and typical Italian products.

Casual and accommodating service – never missing attention to detail; e.g. from presenting the best ever combination of different types of salt,sauce and mustard to choosing the perfect knife (the right knife for the finest cut, of course) in order to provide to the customer a unique experience. The warmth of the Italian heart united with the professionalism of European soulfulness.

A wide selection of the finest wines and craft beers - in the name of a sustainable choice at core - complete a top-notch dining experience.